“Timothy Young’s visit to our school has left smiles on our hearts forever. His presentations were engaging for all ages because of his wonderful ability to adapt them for any audience…he made everyone feel special and included.” Kelly Spector – TK-5 Librarian, Canoga Park, CA

As a child Timothy Young (creaturesandcharacters.com) always wondered who made the toys he played with, who wrote and illustrated the books he read and who made the cartoons he watched. He grew up to be someone who has done creative work in all of those fields.  

 Tim is the author/illustrator of 15 books including I Hate Picture Books!, The Angry Little Puffin, Do Not Open The Box! and the unusually titled untitled. He has designed toys, worked in animation and done other creative jobs including working on the Penny cartoons for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, building Muppets and sculpting the very first Simpsons toys. He also created the pool toy The Chicken Fight Game. 

Books by Timothy Young