We recently had the most incredible author visit from Merrill Rainey at our library and elementary school! Merrill’s interactive session had the kids creating with paper, scissors, and glue, and they were absolutely captivated by his big cardboard James the Dinosaur. His hands-on activities brought a new level of excitement and engagement, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We highly recommend Merrill Rainey to any school or library looking to inspire young minds in the creative process with a true expert! Beth Emmons Early Learning Specialist Frankenmuth Wickson District Library

Growing up, Merrill Rainey (littlerainey.com) spent most of his Saturday afternoons drawing, watching monster movies, and going on imaginary adventures. Today, he is a cowboy-boot-wearing, picture-book-creator and paper-toy-maker. Merrill’s work focuses on exploring creativity and imaginative play. His current titles include Roar! I’m a Dinosaur (winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Kids’ Board Book of 2022), Oink! I’m a Pig, and the Color, Cut, Create series. His newest illustrated title Giants Are Very Brave People, written by Florence Parry Heide, is a reimagined classic picture book about a little giant that learns to be brave with the help of a new friend. Merrill also works for many children’s magazines like Highlights, Ranger Rick, and Humpty Dumpty. 

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