“Tamika Burgess presented to approximately 300 middle schoolers, and she had them captivated, inspired, and fully engaged! They loved the assembly, and we were so grateful that she visited our school.” –Angie Barnett-Solorza, Thompson Middle School Librarian

Tamika Burgess (tamikaburgess.com) (Ta-mee-Ka Bur-jess) is a storyteller with over a decade of novel and personal essay writing experience. Born to parents who migrated from Panamá, Tamika has always taken a particular interest in writing themes that explore her Black Latina identity. Because of her passion for spreading the knowledge of Black Panamanian culture, Tamika has been featured on various websites, podcasts, and panels. Tamika resides in sunny Southern California, where she is writing her next novel.   

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Books by Tamika Burgess

Region: West

Categories: Middle Grade

Genres: BIPOC Historical Fiction