“Through Anne’s books and presentation my students experienced a new awareness and perspective of the world around them. She was the facilitator; the students found the connections. It was fabulous.” ~Kris Jennings, 4th grade teacher, Point Dume Marine Science Elementary

Anne Broyles (annebroyles.com) has a bamboo forest in her Portland, Oregon backyard but she grew up in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert. Her books have been Bank Street College Best Children’s Books, International Latino Book Award winners and Notable Social Studies Trade Books. Her most recent book, I’M GONNA PAINT: RALPH FASANELLA, ARTIST OF THE PEOPLE received four starred reviews. Anne writes to inspire and engage her readers with the world around them. She is represented by Jen Newens of Martin Literary. Anne is a people person, world traveler, Cherokee Nation citizen, vegan cook, hiker and kayaker. She lives in a three-generation Spanish bilingual household with four cats and a dog. Anne loves to connect people to other people and resources. When she’s not imagining and writing books for young people she curates a Little Free Library for Kids in front of her house, frequents her local library and hangs out with her family. Travel has enriched her life and expanded her worldview. Some of her favorite experiences: hiking to Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest Monastery, kissing a baby Gray Whale in Baja California, helping reroof a church in Cuba, hiking the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim and watching pink river dolphins on an Amazon tributary in Bolivia.

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