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How We Help Authors

​Our number one goal is to get authors back to doing what they do best - writing, illustrating, and inspiring minds.  We can take the hassle of booking events off your plate.  From initial contact to signed contract, we’ve got you covered.  

  • Get & stay organized.

    • Add your existing contact & event information to our sleek, collaborative Google sheet format

    • Offer ongoing organizational support to include detailed tracking of events progress ​

  • Book events.

    • Negotiate contract terms 

    • Handle billing/invoicing

    • Schedule, and book your travel

    • Work with independent bookstores to facilitate sales

  • Find new opportunities.

    • Connect you to schools and event coordinators all over the world

  • Promotion.

    • Promote speaking engagements, book release dates, press, etc. via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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